George, the owner and founder of George’s Bread & Co, loves anything baked, pricked or dusted with flour.

His love and passion for baking had been created from having grown up in a family of bakers. With 16 years of experience in his family owned business, Croydon bakery, George has now formed his dream into a reality, bringing with him experience and passion into his newly owned bakery.

His concept entails not only providing excellent baked goods to his customers but also creating a “one of a kind” experience for anyone who enters this wonderland of baked produce.

George is driven by excellence and believes in providing great service.
George has a fantastic team that too, are driven with a passion for delicious baked goods.

Because we bake from scratch, we can control every aspect of the baking process and produce superior-quality, uniquely delicious, baked goods just for you.

George’s Bread and Co